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Where do you live?
In the city of Torreón, Coahuila MX., But constantly traveling to cities like Culiacan and Mazatlan Sinaloa, so also I consider my home.

Do you have a studio?
Yes; I have a studio, which I use only for sessions of family and children. I have an office where regular work, do not use it for customer on the first date; so I prefer to meet in person in a trendy coffee. If you live outside of Torreon we can talk on Skype or FaceTime.

On this page has the starting price of your services an amount … is the basic package?
The price indicated in my information section is an estimate for coverage of weddings with the most requested services; but I offer more affordable packages to your needs.

What equipment do you use?
Using the best equipment Nikon brand! I have 3 cameras professional range with which shooting events and are according to customer needs, count on cameras go pro and sub-acuatic.

Will I get all the photos you took at my event?
Out of all the images I capture, I choose a selection of those that best meet certain quality criteria and that also manage to tell the story of your event in the most beautiful and fun way. This selection is what I will deliver to you in high resolution and the it will be the one that I will show in the online gallery.

How long after my event will I be able to see the pictures?
During the editing process I will publish some of the images of your event on social networks, however, the complete online gallery will be ready 5 weeks after the day of the event.

You make a contract?
Sure, for me it is very important to be formal; It specifies in detail all paid services, payment, delivery dates, quantities of photos, etc.

What if you get sick or for some reason of force majeure you cannot attend my event?
I hope that it never happens, but I am not exempt from it every happening to me, if it ever does, then, with your consent, I will seek a substitute photographer with my similiar capabilities for documenting your event or otherwise reimburse you for what you had paid so far.

You’ve worked abroad?
Yes! I have my documents in order to fulfill any compromise outside Mexico